Consuming the Right Foods and Drinks: How to Burn Fat as Quickly as Possible

For people looking into how to burn fat as quickly as possible, acai berries stimulate the body’s metabolism rate and improves intestinal transit. The fruit is purple in color, very similar to a blueberry, with a chocolate taste. It could prove useful, as it could boost your metabolism. It is a true antioxidant, an excellent anti-cholesterol agent, an energy activator and an immune fortifier. What other foods and drinks help burn fat?


It strengthens metabolism, which burns fat and increases the body’s energy levels, which, in turn, gives the body the strength to move. Studies have shown that people who consume more than one cup of coffee tend to see their metabolism increase greatly. This allows the body to burns more calories, even at rest. The scientific name for this process is thermogenesis or the production of body heat. Coffee increases thermogenesis, which helps the body burn any excess calories that are consumed, even at rest. Green coffee also contains chlorogenic acid, which is a component that helps weight loss by reducing the absorption of sugars in the intestine and accelerates the process of fat removal.

Apple cider vinegar

This drink has a horrible taste but it is really useful to people who want to lose weight quickly. Apple cider vinegar, just like apple cider, contains pectin. During digestion, it slows down the storage of fat and facilitates proper digestion. Cider vinegar, by its acidity, has the ability to lower blood sugar levels and decrease the excessive manufacture of insulin. It suppresses the body’s hunger by making the brain believe that it is full even when it is not. Unlike appetite suppressants in capsules or powders, apple cider vinegar does not have any notorious side effects.


Flax helps people lose weight thanks to its high content of fatty acids Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9, all of which are necessary for proper metabolism. In addition, flax is rich in fiber which helps to burn calories and decreases the feeling of hunger. How should people consume it? Simply boil a spoonful of flax in water until it reaches a thick texture. After that, filter the grains and consume the remaining water. Drink before breakfast every day. Folks can also use linseed oil for a vinaigrette.